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Online Vacation Arabic crash course

Online vacation Arabic crash course

online vacation Arabic crash course

The online vacation Arabic crash course will teach you how to get round in your vacation without having to hire expensive guides. This vaation crash course will give the opportunity to master the most commonly-used Arabic expressions during your travel:

  • You will learn how to order food and ask for directions in modern Arabic as well as in the colloqual dialect of the host country. If you are traveling to Morocco, we will teach you how to speak Moroccan Arabic and if you are heading for Egypt, we will teach you Egyptian dialect.
  • You will also be to book or cancel a hotel room. During your stay, you will impress your friends or family members how good your Arabci is and how you can help them feel safe because you can understand and read in Arabic

The online vacation Arabic crash course is designed to give you a 3 months basic Arabic intake during 2 sessions a week that last for 1 hour a dn30 minutes each. We will teach you online face to face with a very good English, German or French speaking tutor. We use modern firtual classroom, so that you can see and hear all the instructions diretly from your real tutor.

SUBSCRIBE NOW - 499$ ( 3 months / 1 Session a week)