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21 May 2018

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VIP Learning Plan

The VIP Learning Program is one of the most preferable Arabic learning plans and the most booked since it is effective and flexible. It is a one-on-one learning program and it contains tons of benefits our students benefit from. This plan will give you the learning freedom and effectiveness you are looking for to reach your expected learning objectives. You get more than 4 sessions a week with flexible and unlimited lesson postponing. The team adjusts its learning planning according to your wishes and needs. It is a learning plan for those who require more attention towards what the content of lessons should be. As a VIP student, you can always tell us what you want to learn ahead of time and your tutor will make a new lesson plan for your current need. In comparison with the learning plan on the internet, our VIP learning plan is considered the most affordable for 1-on-1 tutoring. Most tutors in other services require from 30 $ up to 60 $ per single face-to-face (60 minutes) course. With My Arabic Classroom, you get the same quality and effectiveness for only 650 $ a month with 4 sessions a week. Each session is 1h/30 minutes long. We are proud to introduce this plan for those who cherish the Arabic language and would like to speak it just like native speakers do.

Online Arabic VIP course benefits

1 – 1-on-1 Learning

Learn Arabic with one tutor from start to finish. Changing tutors so is not pedagogical and it interrupts wholesome learning habits. As a VIP Student you get individual learning with a tutor who is patient and who is ready to stop and repeat anytime you wish to revise something. You get a face-to-face learning experience with high level of integration and interest in your learning objectives, endeavoring to reach them as soon as possible.

2 –Affordable Pricing

Individual learning is expensive, but not with My Arabic Classroom. We love teaching and we want that everyone enjoys our 1-on-1 online Arabic learning. With an affordable monthly subscription that starts from 200 € a month, you will be able to learn face-to-face with a native tutor for 1:30 minutes long. We are the most affordable service out there, yet very effective and fun to learn with.

3 – Long Sessions

Normally, a session is considered to be 45 minutes long. My Arabic Classroom provides you with 1:30 minutes session long. Two sessions in one. You pay only one and you get two. Moreover, the number of sessions a week exceed 4 sessions in addition to the FREE Chat Sessions at . (VIP Chat Room [FREE])

4 – Flexible Learning Timetable

My Arabic Classroom team endeavors to fit all students needs according to timing. Our teachers are aware of how important to feel good while learning and after learning. It is a tiring process and mostly a piece of time that we all rub off our spare time. Agreeing about a flexible timetable is of crucial importance to both students and tutors. To make this successful we take the wishes of our students first and make the best out of it. Since our teachers are the best out there and the number of teachers is based upon a strict selection process, we always appreciate our students’ cooperation.

5 – Unlimited Lessons postponing

Most our students are productive and busy people and do their best to find spare time for Arabic courses. This can lead to course interruptions from time to time and to create some balance and help our VIP students learn without having to worry about losing their sessions, we offer them the possibility to postpone the sessions unlimitedly with the option of FREE session recapitulation. If you are busy or have a family meeting or you even have no mood for learning, as a VIP student you can just write small note to your tutor and the session will be postponed to another convenient date.

6 – Student Textbook

For all our learning plans we use more than one textbook and the selection of the book is based on the Arabic learning phase the student has reached. Please read about this in later chapters

7 – FREE Chat Sessions

In addition to the normal sessions for your VIP learning Plan you have more than 1 free session of written chat directly with your tutor in the My Arabic classroom VIP Classroom. This classroom costs normally 15 € a month, but our VIP students get it for free. The purpose behind the chat session is to give chance for students to take time and use their passive vocabulary. We believe that relaxed chatting will be an extra layer of consolidating the learning process at My Arabic Classroom

8 – Certificate Upon Completion

You get a certificate upon the completion of every phase of learning in the VIP Plan. Certificates are a proof of the duration and the learning outcomes and ability you have reached during that period. The Qualification Certificate will be only granted after completing the four Arabic learning phases successfully.

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