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Arabic for kids

Arabic for kids

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Please use this form to request a Special learning plan for your child if one of our learning plans did not fullfill your expectations. Our experts will prepare a custom learning plan for your child and send you a personalized cost offer.  Please make sure you specify how many hours or sessions your child needs on a weekly basis.

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Learning Benefits

Regular Lesson Planing

Your child gets free custom lesson plans during his entire learning period


Communicative Skills in Arabic

The Arabic course for your child is designed to improve the communicative skills in Arabic for your child through regular dialogues and conversations


Continous Development

The program develops the potential skills of your child through continous search and innovation in order to dig out the potential of your child in learning the Arabic language effectively


Children can learn Arabic fast and effective than adult learners. My Arabic Classroom offers amazing learning programs for your child. We are aware of the fun part in learning anything and your child will get the tools to master the Arabic language at an early age:

  • This course is designed for non-native and native children who do not know the Arabic script or sound system. It is for all children whose parents live abroad or children of non-native parents of Arabic.
  • Children will learn the Arabic alphabet in a funny manner way. We use songs, flash cards, and videos to support effective learning for your kid. Along with 1-on-1 course for your child either online or at your home or a public place of your choice, your child will learn how to communicate in classical Arabic very well.
  • We teach children the Arabic language through animated PowerPoint slides and videos that incorporate illustrative images.
  • We focus on the main Arabic learning skills, listening, speaking reading and writing.
  • We offer your child very simple short stories with translation and audio. This will consolidate their learning and improves their Arabic in a short period of time