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Learning Activities

Learning activities


Learn to speak Arabic through themed lessons

Interactive teaching

In order to improve your Arabic retention, we design our live courses to fit in with the needs of our learners. Your private tutor will incorporate your learning objectives in real situations for maximum grasp of the language

Arabic language speaking activities

In addition to the Arabic live courses, you benefit from chat sessions with your private tutor. You learn how to speak Arabic face-to-face with your native teacher. This will improve your self-confidence and Arabic communication. You will practise how to pronounce words and communicate like an Arab.

Intensive Grammar activities

Grammar is the pillar of the Arabic language. We design the Arabic online course with intensive grammar activities on a weekly basis. You learn Arabic grammar with the traditional and modern approach to achieve good results.

Arabic Vocabulary enrichment

You get regular lists of well selected Arabic vocabulary on a daily basis. You will be able to learn relevant words to enrich your Arabic learning. Since we provide themed live courses that are based on a communicative approach, you will learn the vocabulary that will reinforce the real situation of the Arabic lesson