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09 July 2017


Language learning tricks is a 5 effective method to be taken as a daily habit for new learners of any language. These tricks are helpful pieces of advice that we see it can improve the quality of your language learning intake.

How to master languages fast? A question that ask so many students before they jump into language learning experience. It is actually one of the most frequent questions that my students ask me as well.

If you always wanted to learn a language but think you are old, not talented enough or just too busy? Think well again! Whether you want to learn Arabic, English, German or French , I will enclose 5 ways you can use as a habit if you want to master any language fast.

Leave your comfort zone

Putting yourself in embarrassing situations, is a sign of willingness to make mistakes. It might be scary for you in the beginning,  but it is the only way to develop your learning strategies and improve your speaking skills.

Putting yourself out there in the context is the most difficult decision you should make. At the beginning you are going to face pronunciation problems, grammar difficulties, syntax and all those components that a language cannot do without. However, the most important thing is to develop this feel for your target language first. Once you taste the feeling of accomplishment, you will never stop learning until you master that language. Remember that mistakes do not matter as long as you learn from them. I should mention that avoiding common mistakes is a great step into successful learning outcomes. You can always search for common mistakes that teachers point and try to avoid them. This will save you time and learning energy.

Learn vocabulary every day.

You might be thinking learning vocabulary everyday is normal. In fact, so many students make the mistake of not doing it right, if they learn everyday. This special method should actually be done differently. Do not just start learning any words randomly.Take a small notebook, and fill every page with no more than 5 vocabulary. Try to create vocabulary trees. For example, if you listed the word “education”, try to look up its family members in the dictionary. You might find the word educational as a family member for the word Education.Once you have found the words and their family members, list them in a small paper and put it in your pocket. While traveling with the bus to school or university, take the paper with the listed vocabulary and learn them by heart. If you do math, 5 words a day means 150 words a month. In no more than six months you will have a very rich list of vocabulary.Do not worry if you do not master all the vocabulary at once. Your brain will store them as passive vocabulary for other skills like writing and reading.

Learn a language online without a textbook

This piece of advice on how to master a language fast might seem awkward. Well! I assure you that putting your textbook down while learning English, Arabic, French or Ger for the sake of speaking is a great idea. Here is how!

Learning languages in general must fulfil the four skill rule: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. if you are interested in the second skill and want to speak with human beings, and not just pass exams or language course quizzes, then learning online is the perfect method.

Nowadays, the internet offers so many learning opportunities; Apps, Free online language courses, free eBooks and course materials. By embracing one of these methods on a regular basis, you will be able to improve your speaking skills.

Start speaking the language from the beginning

Waiting and over-preparing for learning start is a bad learning habit that so many new learners commit. If you keep procrastinating learning because you have not found the right tutor, or maybe because you think it is difficult to do it by yourself, you never be ready to feel 100% prepared to start.

The only solution to this vicious circle is to get out of it entirely. Start speaking right no, even you have learned one or two words of the language you dream of speaking fluently. with time you will progress quickly. Here are some crazy methods to use to start learning right away:

  • Look for an online website that offer free resources and test videos.
  • Start to speak what you have learned in front of the mirror.
  • Chat with native speakers of the target language and ask for help
  • Be brave and do group conversations in Skype using our current knowledge of the language you are learning.

Always carry a dictionary with you

This is a major Learning languages tricks factor that we emphasize at scholme Center. We require our students to buy a small dictionary of the target language before being accepted as a student. This might seem hard, but we deeply believe that carrying a small dictionary in your pocket will be so useful when you are traveling or when you go shopping.

For students who learn Arabic in Morocco for example, will be easy to check up words while they walk round Downtown if they do not understand something or a sign. A small dictionary is always a good and reliable friend that will help you anytime you are alone and need translation.

learning and mastering a language fast can be also reached through small and cheap travel phrasebook. This learning languages tricks method is fundamental: Practical phrases like ordering food, asking for directions or making small talks while traveling is an immediate grasp of the language. It is a great method to practice with native speakers and get over your learning fears.

Check out the following resources:

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  • Jay Doe says:

    I think finding the right ools to learn the Arabic language is so hard. There are only a few websites that provide that. Is this website serious?

    • Abdellah says:

      We have been teaching the Arabic language for non-speakers of Arabic for about 16 ears now and I and my team have developed special courses to be given face-to-face or in a 1-on-1 sessions online. Of course this is a serious website. You have a student account where you manage all your transactions and and print your invoice if you wish to. Please talk to one of our agents for more clarifications in the the support. Welcome to My arabic classroom and I hope you will like your trial course

  • Lina says:

    Dont you have any sample online lessons for me? I need to see how it works before I go ahead and subscribe

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Contribute to our blog with your creative Arabic learning story and earn a FREE learning lesson live with a native tutor. We love to know about your learning experience.
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