Getting Started with Arabic

مركز اللغة العربية

02 May 2018

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Getting Started with Arabic

Arabic is considered to be the fourth spoken language around the world with more than 240 million speakers that are spread across many regions and several continents. Arabic is becoming one of the top ten most important languages today. The Arabic language is different from English and other European languages, so you should be a good listener to get accurate differences in form and structure from the start.

It is useful to find someone who lives near you that is a native Arabic speaker. Regular speaking sessions with native speakers is an informative way that keep you learning language skills fast; try to avoid speaking time with another non-Arabic speaker while you’re there. It is better to find someone who will have patience with you.

Here are some important and easy ways that might be of importance for you to get started with Arabic:

Studying abroad can be a choice

Travel to a place where the language is spoken is one of the useful way to develop your speaking skills. Immersing yourself in the language through visiting the Arabic countries may practice your learning language. Traveling to an Arabic speaking country is very beneficial while it is very hard to practice your Arabic skills at home. That is to say, checking in at your hotel, engaging with people in the street, vendors at the market, purchase some shoes from the store or speaking with the passengers for direction.

Learn commonly used words

To start learning Arabic, you should learn some basic Arabic words. It is vital to know some every day speaking words in order to be able to start building your knowledge of the language in a comfortable way.
Here are some simple words that may help you:

  1. .Aahlan wa sahlan أهلا وسهلا it means ‘Welcome’
    Marhaban مرحبا is the formal word for ‘Hello’
    Maa ssalamah مع السلامة means “Goodbye”
    Kabir كبير means big.
    Saghir صغير, means small.
    Akala means ‘to eat’ أكل.
    Dahaba means ‘to go’ ذهب
    Alyawm means today اليوم
    Al Bariha means yesterday البارحة.
    Ghadan غدا or yawm al-ghad يوم الغد is the word for tomorrow.

Use flashcards to memorize expressions:

Use Flashcards. Flashcards are a way to memorize the Arabic words. Use them to test your memory with the words in English on one side and the same word in Arabic on the other side. Furthermore, you can take flashcards with you and read them wherever you go since they are less bulky than text books and easy to use in your free time.

Learn phrases that are common.

If you like to travel especially to Arabic Middle-east countries, you should know how to link words and make them phrases in order to interact. I will show you some phrases that you should basically know in Arabic.

  • kam As-sa’ah كم الساعة؟, it means ’what time is it?’.
  • ما اسمك؟,or Ma esmouk? to a male and ma esmouki?’ to a female, it means ‘what is your name?’
  • اسمي … or Esmee .It means ‘My name is…?
  • Shokran or شكرا ،it means ‘Thank you’.
  • Hal tatakalamo alloghah alenjleziah هل تتكلم اللغة الانجليزية؟ Do you speak Englis
  • كيف حالك؟or kaifa haloka,it means’How are you?’
  • نا بخير شكراً ،or Ana bekhair shokran,it means ”I’m fine, thanks”.
  • متشرف ، or Motasharefon,it means ” Nice to meet you”.
  • لا أفهم ، or la afham,it means ”I don’t understand.”
  • أحبك، or Uhibbok ,it means ‘I love you.”
  • مع السلامة، or maa-s-Salama, it means ”Goodbye”.
  • أين أنت؟’ayn’ ant?
  • Hale anta Arabic? هل أنت عربي؟ Are you Arab?

Memorize Arabic Alphabet.

You should memorize by heart Arabic letters and text that make your pronunciation very easy to be understood Arabic letters read horizontally from right to left (the opposite of English). Some letters and sounds that exist in the Arabic alphabet can’t be found in the English alphabet and vice versa. You can use online website school me to learn the Arabic.alphabet. Online source like this can help you learn how to pronounce each letter accurately ( تis taa or ‘t’, س is is saa or ‘s’ ,and so on).Besides, symbols (Called fathas) that are written above the consonants to indicate a vowel sound aren’t written in English as letters but short vowels.

Learn how to construct the basic structure.

The sentences in Arabic language are Verb+Subject+direct object but there are some called nominal sentences start with a noun exclude Verbs altogether as they have an implied’ to be’:

For example

الكلب وفي، or alkalbo wafi, means ”The dog is loyal’ ‘but there is no verb, so literally translated, it means ”the dog loyal”.

Read short stories that are written in A rabic.
One of the best ways to develop your learning language is to read texts from that language. The more you read. The better you will understand and write that language. It is better to read Qur’an, which is the first religious text of Islam. You are able to find English versions but you should try to read the holy book in Arabic to better develop your pronunciation and upgrade your Arabic knowledge.

Watch Arabic movies with subtitles.

It is essential to listen to the language being spoken to fully learn its use but if you don’t live in a place where the Arabic is commonly spoken. You should. Watch movies that are in Arabic with English subtitles that

will help you understand the context within the film that you try to follow. There are many spoken Arabic films such as ”Alresalah” الرسالة, or Omar El Mokhtar” Lion of the Desert ‘‘, Arabic version.
Make friendship with an Arabic speaker. Find someone who is an Arabic origin. Everyday engaging conversation with an Arabic speaking language is the best way to keep you in touch with language you learn, if you don’t in a person, maybe you could find someone to converse with on a regular basic through an online language like scholme or through skype that is a useful very easy tool to connect spoken learning people around the world.

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Contribute to our blog with your creative Arabic learning story and earn a FREE learning lesson live with a native tutor. We love to know about your learning experience.
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