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Classical Arabic Course

Classical Arabic course

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Classical Arabic course

Classical Arabic course refers mainly to the language of the Qur’an, and secondarily to all those differently formed and written texts and works. As a student, you receive immediate exposure to the language structure, functions, building of the classical Arabic language. In this regard, we will use famous textbooks that will guide you from the beginning up to the mastery of the language

The first three levels of the online classical Arabic course are essential in that they focus on “linguistic mobility”, meaning you will learn the necessary skills in grammar, morphology, and rhetoric (nahw, sarf, and balagha), and to excel in the reading, understanding, analyzing, translating, and interpreting of Arabic classical texts. This level also is concerned with developing the skill of listening, reading, speaking, writing, necessary for advanced-intermediate fluency that come in later learning phases.

SUBSCRIBE NOW - 780$ ( 7 months / 1 Session a week)

Why choose the online classical Arabic course?

Classical Arabic course will benefit you in so many ways in your personal as well as your academic and career life. There are so many reasons why Arabic is so vital that you should start learning it:

  1. Arabic is the 5th commonly-spoken native language in the world.
  2. There is a high demand of the classical Arabic in the western world and less supply for it.
  3. Arabic speaking nations are growing fast and it is a huge market waiting for early birds
  4. classical Arabic course will upgrade your current position and make you unique if you strive a careeer in the Golf area or anywhere else where Arabic is spoken or in big companies that have contact with Arab business partners

Our online classicla Arabic course is designed to prepare you academically for studies or the market. You will certainly get the fundamentals required to master the classical Arabic in no more than 1 year of intensive course.

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