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Arabic Learning Plans

arabic learning plans

arabic learning plans

Basic Learning Plan

If you are looking for a slow pace learning program to learn the Arabic language online, the lite plan is your best choice. This learning plan includes the following benefits:


  • You learn the Arabic language in a large group of up to 24 students from different parts of the world. This means that you can meet, discuss and get in an engaging and challenging learning environment. Still, you learn in a face-to-face with one of our tutors. Usually, you will be assigned – with other learners – our main best tutors.
  • Online Arabic sessions usually last for 1:30 minutes. The sessions start always 10 minutes prior to real learning session. We recommend our students to come to the virtual classroom 5 minutes before the session.
  • Lite learning program students enjoy one lesson a week. This lesson is designed to give you the four skills in one session plus a homework.
  • Lite students  enjoy one learning chat session with a private tutor every month. This session is private and lasts for 45 minutes.
  • 1 PDF detailed learning report


  • No additional speaking sessions.
  • No replay of previous recorded live sessions

Golden Learning Plan

The  most optimal choice to get started learning Arabic in a normal pace. This plan include almost all benefits of all other learning plans. We consider this plan the best Arabic learning plans in our system.


  • This is a group learning plan with no more than 5 students. You have more teaching attention with this plan. Since you will learn in a narrowed group of only five students at a time.
  • You have 2 sessions (lessons) a week with a private tutor. The session lasts for 1:30 minutes. You get the advantage of our unique double method strategy. Your first lesson will be a combination of all four skills. The second session will be an intensive practice of previous learned material.
  • You get a student textbook and exercise book. We will send you learning materials, sheets and tasks in PDF format via email. You will also get the instruction booklet of our learning plan for this Membership
  • Access to all replays of previous recorded live sessions

Premium Learning Plan

If you are want to speed up your learning intake, the premium plan is the best choice in our Arabic learning plans available. This is suitable for people who needs to speak Arabic in a short period of time. Three sessions a week will give you a consolidate start into mastering the Arabic language.

These are you unique benefits as a premium student:

  • Individual Tutoring. As a premium student of My Arabic Classroom, you enjoy 1-on-1 learning with one certified Arabic tutor from start to end.
  • You get 3 learning sessions on a weekly basis.
  • Detailed reports and course summary for revision purposes after every session.
  • One session of Chat with your own private native tutor every week. This chat session give you the opportunity to practise Arabic writing and typing. You can also discuss your learning difficulties with your tutor and get the best support
  • 2 extra intensive speaking sessions. This will give the chance to practise your spoken Arabic with your tutor. In these sessions, you will be taught how to speak Arabic like Arabs do.
  • Access to all recorded video and previous sessions.
  • Postponing option: You can postpone sessions to different times and dates twice a month. For extra postponing session we charge 3$.

VIP Learning Plan

VIP students are our elite customers. With this plan you get the following unique features and benefits:

  • All features of previous plans are included plus:
  • INDIVIDUAL LEARNING: one tutor from start to end
  • 5 sessions a week
  • Unlimited session postponing
  • Course summaries and performance reports after every session
  • 1 Speaking session every week