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10 reasons why you should learn Arabic

مركز اللغة العربية

05 May 2018

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10 reasons why you should learn Arabic

10 reasons why you should learn Arabic

Arabic is widely considered one of the world’s toughest languages to learn. Its written language is entirely different from spoken Arabic and the grammar is mathematical.As a result,if you’re reading novels, you might not be able to order a cup of tea. In other words, learning Arabic will take some time ! The Arabic dialects vary from country to country and even from city to city.So, you should put in your mind that vowels are left out of written Arabic, which can make reading challenging, and each letter has three different shapes. And yet, the rise of the Arabic language learners is more and more than any time before. Why ? Here are 10 reasons that may explain the growth of learning Arabic. The 10 reasons why you should learn Arabic today !

Arabic is an international job market.

In fact,less than 1 percent of U.S. college students study Arabic.If you have a chance to study at schools that offer this unique language, take part in it! It will make you very lucky to get a profitable job. In addition, the U.S. government is seeking professionals who speak Arabic fluently in order to educate people, develop economies, improve foreign relations and make international deals more closer, especially with business people in wealthy countries like the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.

You can earn money by learning Arabic language

The middle East is growing fast. This developing economy is an opportunity to get a job in the Golf. Learning will help you know the business culture of these Saharian countries, improve your ability to interact with wealthy business people and make personal business relationships more strong. Moreover, you will be able to upgrade your career and impress your co-workers. Most successful business men in The Arab Gold or any Arab country where Arabi cis an official language, speak Arabic fluently.

Allows you to choose the dialect that you prefer

The Arabic language is rich and one of the 10 important reasons to learn Arabi cis be able to choose any dielect of your preference and still be understandable everywhere in the Arab world. Any dialects in Arabic language has its own unique style and flavor since there are many,different dialects from one Arabic country to another one.That is to say, choose the dialect frequently spoken in the country you would like to join without learning the basic Modern Standard Arabic which is the Acadimic Arabic spoken throughout the world that will make learning Arabic even funnier.

Make you a representative of the Arab world

Many stereotypes among Americans towards Arabs, especially after 11/9, Arabs tend to have a negative view of Americans. If you have the ability to cross cultural studies will help you spread consciousness and more positive views of both Americans and Arabs toward each other. If you live in europe and you have heared that the Arabic language is ugly or harsh or even aggressive, learning i twill definitely erase any prejeduces about the beauty of this inntonational language – the Arabic language.

Be able to read and understand the Quran and Sunnah

Islam is the second largest religion in the world and the first largest religion in the Arabic world. Even if you are not a muslim or you do not have any intentions to become one, learning about this religion will certainly bring you closer to how Arabs think and behave and deal with each other and with other fellows. It is a religion that widespreads the Arab world, but it is also a lifestyle to every muslim that would make his everyday’s life very special and unique.When studying Arabic you immerse inside Islamic traditions and beliefs, which gives you a more clear understanding of how Arabs are and how great the religion of Muhammed (Peace be Upon him) is . If you intend to onvert into Islam, Learning Arabi cis a must since the Quran and Sunnah is written in Arabic and understanding them in Arabic allows you to deeply interpret the meanful wisdedom behind all prayers and Islamic practices.

Your brain becomes stronger.

When you learn a new language, as recent studies and Research prove, your brain becomes more adaptable and elastic because you use a certain part of it which once was passive for years.Using those areas make your brain more stronger than before. Certainly, the Arabic language is challenging to learn and deciding to get into this experience will help you activate your brain cells, denn the Arabic language is completely different than what your brain is accustomed to. This in turn aids in stroke recovery, delays demention, and slows aging. The Arabic language does not only help you keep your brain sane, but it also challenges your memory capacity, which positively be affected for the long run. In the first moths of learning, your brain will be burdened with new vocabulary that seem to be strange and sometimes weird. However, while time passes and after just a few weeks of being committed to learn your first Arabic lessons and do your first Arabic tasks, you will notice a huge difference in terms of soundness inside your head. Learn how does learning Arabic has an impact on your memory in the seventh reason to learn the Arabic language below

It has a direct impact on your memory

Yes ! Finally ! you will be able to speak the most challenging language in the world. ARABIC : When speaking Arabic with others, even multi-tasker people who are always wanted to be bilingual, they will not have the ability to choose another language to use at that moment and which word is accurate for that situation simply because your second language is as sohpisticated as theirs. Arabic is not an easy language to learn and yet mastering it and speaking it will put you above all those who think they are privilaged because they are bilingual.Furthermore, you can speak with different Arabic nationalities at the same time; for example, if they come from Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Tunis, Algeria, Saudi Arabia or Qatar, you can always communicate with all of them in Standard Arabic regardless of their local Arabic dialect. Standard Arabic gathers all Arabs and almost everyone speaks and understands it. It is the official language of the news and at schools.

Able to read and watch the Arabic TV

Reading and watching are considered vital visual tools by which you can dramatically make the difference in learning Arabic and improving your current level. The Arab world today has many satelites like Arabsat and Nilesat that offer hundred of Arabic channels. We strongly recommand to choose channels that provide Cartoon in Classical Arabic. To be 100% sure of the channel and its official language whether standard or dialect, contact your private tutor at My Arabic Classroom and or ask freinds from your Arabic surrounding.

Understanding the Arabic world in Arabic is more than in your mother language because the cultural aspects and the religious beliefs are totally different. Always make sure you choose Arabic documentary films over the news. Through documentary films, you will be able to learn through listening and at the same time learn about the Arabic customs and traditions. Avoid learning Arabic through the news because we beieve that msot of the news are fake and if needed just the news about cultural information and about the people.

Get experience from traveling to Arab countries

Traveling to the an Arab country is in itself a wonderful experience and a diret contact with the locals and native speakers of Arabic. When you decide to travel and leave your land, you will automaticlly get more experience from visiting Arabic countries.Many people go to Europe or America, while a few go to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, or the Golf. This is a chance to discover these countries and their Arabic dialects and make a comparision between the historical monuments to religious ones, from oasies to seas and mountains and maybe you will be clever and write a book about the Arabic world that may be sold widely especially those who like travelling around the world.

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